.. Give-the-dates-of-the-civil-war, 2 Who was president of the United States at that time ? What is he famous for ? Where is his statue now ? 3 What cause did the Northerners support ? 4 What about the Southerners ? 5 What famous film illustrates the consequences of the civil war ? 6 What was the triangular trade ? 7 What famous organization was created at the end of the civil war ? What did they want ?

D. Washington, 16 What is the percentage of the Black population in the US now ? a) 12% b) 60% c) 80% 17 Its unemployment rate a) 7% b) 10, 5% c)70% 18 What is Ebonics ? a) a famous black magazine b) the language spoken by the black community c) a black political movement 19 Write three words that represent best the problems of the black population nowadays ?